May 15

Microwaves – Are they killing you?

The short answer is 100% no, unless you stick your head in it while its on, however a lot of controversy surrounds microwaves, some people claim microwaves emit radiation and destroy your food and change the structure of it causing cancerous agents.



One article floating around the internet shows a girls 12th grade science study of growing plants. Where one plant is given microwave water and one given normal water, with the one being given microwave water not growing and actually dying after a few days, however my scepticism in the validity of this study is far to high for me to go and

throw out my microwave, which might I add is a a very convenient piece of cooking equipment that rapidly cuts down the time to cook my baked potato…


So although I was 100% sure the experiment was either made up to increase the controversy surrounding microwaves, or that the one plant was destined to die anyway and since no one actually new if the plant seed was going to produce a healthy plant to start with and finally water is just hydrogen and oxygen atoms, heating in a microwave is not going to change that unless it can split the atom, the water will always be hydrogen and oxygen


and can only change to two other things ice and gas.

So if you think microwaves are bad, read this article carefully as I’m going to explain why they might be not only good, but one of the safest ways to cook your food. And just for a bit of fun, I decided to do my own experiment with two basil plants rather than just quote studies on microwaves for this article, however I made a few alterations to the original experiment.

1. I used two already well grown basil plants, not seeds, so I knew they were both healthy to start with, so I didn’t have to worry about one plant being sick without my knowledge

2. I did the experiment for 19 days instead of 9 days, since I felt just under 3 weeks gives a much longer trail to prove microwave water innocent. So the actual experiment was very simple, I use filtered water, put it in a cup, poured half the cup into the one plant, then microwaved the other half of the water for 1 minute and then left it to

cool and put that water in the other plant and did this for 19 days. Below are the pictures at, day 1 until day 19 with around 2 days between each photo.



As you can see, no difference between the two plants, if anything the one given microwave water actually looks better, but I think thats just a coincidence, however the point is simple, microwaves don’t change a molecules structure, certainly not water.


Whats actually quite interesting about microwaves is contrary to the belief they are harmful, because of the unique way microwaves cook things, they might actually be the safest form of cooking.


You see unlike conventional cooking microwaves heat things up via a system similar to radio-waves, but much faster in an oscillating fashion, this uses the positive and negative charge of molecules which creates kinetic energy and heat mainly from the water molecules, heating up the food, they don’t nuke food.(1)


This means the foods actually lose very little nutrients because its not heating per say that damages food, its actually cooking things like your vegetables in water because because allows the nutrients to be absorbed into the water and lost unless you then drink the stock you cooked your vegetables in.


If you cook foods at very high temperatures such as grills/barques etc.., then you can create carcinogenic substances when you burn the food, which could increase the risk of cancer, this can’t happen with microwaves because they don’t actually cook things at high temperatures, they just cook things from the molecular level, although when it comes to meat, I’d still grill it, because it tastes way better, just don’t cremate your food, however the point still stands that microwaves are probably one of the safest, fastest and possibly healthiest ways to cook your food. (2)


So like many things, microwaves being bad for you is just a big myth…


So go ahead and enjoy the awesome piece of technology which is your microwave!

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